What is Orange Miles?

Orange Miles is Kam Air's Loyalty program. By joining, you can earn points, with received points you can benefit our services like extra baggage allowance, seat upgrade or maybe one day a free ticket to fly to your favorite destination with us.

How do I enroll in Orange Miles?

Click here, Orange Miles.

Can I enroll under 18 years old in Orange Miles?

Yes. Your loved ones also can join in our Family Orange Miles account if you would like to enroll under 18 years of age in Orange Miles, please make sure you are logged into your Orange Miles account, click on the “Enroll a member” link in the navigation and follow the steps. You can also call Kam Air at 4422 or +93799974422. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Can I enroll offline?

No. But you can visit any of our sales office across the country or any region. We would love to enroll you into our program and you will receive notification on your email or mobile from us about your new Orange Miles account.

Why is Orange Miles exclusively online?

By all means, we are loving our customers, Kam Air can reach out to its best customers while continuing to show our care and keep you updated on your accruals. It is easy for you to reach your program at your home. To use the program, members must have a valid email account of their own. If you don't have email, you can get one free at hotmail.com, yahoo.com, google.com or your phone number.

With our Kam Air App, all is possible get to know about your Orange Miles.

How do I earn points for Awards under Orange Miles?

When booking your flight online on our website or our Kam Air App, either sign in to Orange Miles prior to booking or enter your account information during the booking process. If you call 4422 or international +93799974422 to know about your flight, a customer service representative will assist you. You'll earn Orange Miles points and get closer to your Award flight. Award flight, that's how Kam Air says "Thanks!" to our loyal customers.

Can I retrieve my Orange Miles number?

The best place to find information regarding your Orange Miles account, including your Orange Miles number, is on your Orange Miles account homepage on www.kamair.com or Orange Miles. Simply sign in to your account. If you face any difficulties please don’t hesitate to call us on 24/7 Customer support 4422 or for international call +93799974422. We will try our best to serve you.

Will I receive an Orange Miles membership card?

No. Orange Miles is online. Your membership ID is your phone number isn’t that easy to remember.

Where I can receive Orange Miles statements in the mail?

No. Orange Miles is exclusively online. Your account information is available at Orange Miles. You can see your statement in your Orange Miles account. Also if you are interested we can send you your monthly, yearly or total statement if you request us.

Where can I find the Orange Miles Terms and Conditions?

View Orange Miles Terms and Conditions

Family Points

What is Family Account?

We know from experience everyone loves their family. So for our customers, we are sharing our love with your family with Orange Miles Family account where you and your Family together can collect points faster as your family fly with us, allowing for greater flexibility and simplicity overall. Also with family account, you can share your points with your family or share your family points with yourself. Sharing is caring, we care for our Family customer the most.
All you need to appoint Family Head, so he/she would be responsible for your memorable collected points and you can use them for more memories. All members 50% points will be transferred into Family Head’s account.

Here is a summary of family account:

Family Size/Age Limits
Family Requirements
Family Head 1 adults (18+)
Members/children up to 7 (18+ and under 18)

Family Account
Members can select the percentage of points to contribute to the Family account.
All points are transferred to the Head of Household’s account.

Redemption Access
Family Account
Only Head of Household can redeem points for its account or for their Family members of Family account.

How do I create a Family account?

If you are at least 18 years of age, you can create a Family account after you have logged into your Orange Miles account on www.kamair.com. Or visit our nearest sales office or contact our customer care agent. You must provide us your legal documents that proves you have relationship with your Family.

As the Family Head/Head of Household, How do I add or remove people from my Family account?

You can contact us by calling on our toll-free number 4422 or +93799974422 or visit our nearest sales office.

As the Family Head/Head of Household, what information do I need to provide in order to add an individual to my Family account?

When adding an individual to your Family account you must provide their full name, date of birth, phone number (if it is there). We will enroll your loved ones to join your Family Account.

As the Family Head, how often can I change my Family Members?

You can make changes whenever you like. However, once you remove a family member (or a family member leaves), their moved points will stay with Family Head.

As the Family Head, how do I remove myself from Family account?

You may call us at KAM AIR (4422 or +93799974422) or visit our nearest sales office.

How are my points allocated if I agree to join a Family account?

As a Family Head, if you agree to join a Family account, you agree to contribute 50% of all of the Orange Miles points that your Members have and those that you earn to the Family account. However, you can choose to leave the Account at any time and take collected points with you or you can chose someone to be Family Head of your Family account.

As a Family Member, how do I remove myself from a Family account?

You may call us at KAM AIR (4422 or +93799974422) or visit our nearest sales office.

As a Family Member are there restrictions on how long I have to wait to start or join Family account after I leave an existing Family account?

You are free to join another Family account immediately after you leave or even start a new Family (as long as you are 18 years or older) if you’d like.

Who can redeem Family points?

The Family Head can redeem Orange Miles points from the Family account. The Family Head can remove any person from the Family account at any time, and the member will leave with their remaining unused balance of Orange Miles points.

How are points redeemed from a Family account?
If you have enough points in your individual balance to redeem for a particular award, the points come from your individual balance.

If I am a Family Member and I have not been given permission to redeem from the Family account by my Family Head, can I still redeem points I've earned?

Yes. You can still redeem from your individual balance up until that individual balance is reached.

How do I add someone to a Family account?

For Orange Miles members under the age of 13, the parent/legal guardian of the child must enroll the child in Family account and complete all Family account activity. As a parent/legal guardian, you can add your child to a Family account. Simply go to our nearest sales office or call our customer care to do it for you. On the child enrollment form, you’ll have to make a decision if you want to create a Family account or add this child to your existing Family account.
As a Family Head, if you’ve already enrolled your child and you just want to add them to your Family account.

Are children automatically removed from the Family account when they turn 13 years old?

No. If a child turns 13 years old, they will remain in the Family account, but you to extend your validity of relationship of your Family Account.

Where can I find the Family account Terms and Conditions?

View Family account Terms and Conditions.

Earning Points

How are Orange Miles points calculated?

In the Orange Miles program, Orange Miles points are earned by purchasing qualifying services (such as tickets, seat selection) of Kam Air Airline. Earning of points on Kam Air is based on the base fare paid for Kam Air flights. You earn 5 points for every dollar spent. Members who book directly on www.kamair.com can earn bonus points as well.

Can I get points from online reservation made on www.kamair.com?

Absolutely! As a member of Orange Miles, you will earn 5 points per dollar spent and members who book directly on www.kamair.com can earn bonus points depending on the base fare.

Do my Orange Miles points expire?

No, your points don't expire.

Can I earn Orange Miles points by means other than flying on Kam Air?

No, you can earn your points only on Kam Air flights.

Can I earn points for a Kam Air flight I purchase for someone else?

No. You cannot earn points for flights purchased for another traveler in the Orange Miles program.

I forgot to add my Orange Miles points when I booked. Is there a way to get points for a flight I've already completed?

Yes. When signed in to your Orange Miles account, click the Missing points. You are able to add points for a flight you completed within 1 month of that flight.

Why hasn't my account changed to show the new points I just earned?

The points that you have just earned can take up to 7 days to post in your account.
If you still didn’t receive your points please give us a heads up to make you get your deserved points right away.

Redeeming Points for Award Flights

How many Orange Miles points do I need to receive an Award Flight?

Just as regular fares vary, the points required for an Award Flight will also vary depending on the destination, day of the week, season, and advance booking window.
So minimum required points are 2500 points to start your redemption
Certain flights require more points and higher government taxes/fees to redeem award travel. Taxes and fees must be paid at time of award flight booking and are subject to change as required by law.

Are my points transferable?

No, Orange Miles points are not transferable.

How do I redeem my points?

Once you have enough Orange Miles points for an Award Flight, redeeming is easy:
Visit www.kamair.com Orange Miles and sign in to your Orange Miles account
Click on "New Reservation"
Select your desired destination with date of flight

Other useful information

Can I list multiple travelers on an Orange Miles account?

Orange Miles membership is designed for individual travelers. Travelers must enroll separately and they are limited to one account. However, once you have an account, you may combine points with other Orange Miles members with our Family account program. Corporations, other entities, animals or blocked-seat purchases are not eligible to enroll as Orange Miles member’s individual loyalty program or qualify for Orange Miles points. Signing up for Orange Miles is fast, easy and it's free. All you need to provide is your first and last name (as it appears on your government-issued photo ID), address, telephone number, email address and date of birth.

Can I change my Orange Miles account information?

Orange Miles account updates, including email and password changes, or name change assistance, please call our support team at any number below.
4422 (Domestic)
+93 799974422 (International)