Resuming Flights to Select Destinations

We’re taking all measures necessary to make sure you’re protected during your flight and that our crews are protected too, so here are some things you need to know when preparing for your flight.

We are Working closely with the Afghanistan government and global aviation authorities, we are resuming flights between Afghanistan and select destinations from our network while adopting enhanced safety measures for a safe travel. You can book these flights through our website, mobile app, call center, sales shops or travel agents.

General Guidelines

1-All passengers must wear medical masks and gloves at the airport, on board the plane, and in transit.
2-Read about our enhanced safety measures for a safe travel.
3-Passengers must arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure.
4-Each country has different rules for accepting passengers. Please follow the local government guidance and check to stay informed about the latest entry requirements.

Flights from Kabul

We are operating scheduled flights from Kabul to select destinations from our network. Check below to find out everything you need to know about travelling to your destination including dates and entry requirements.


KBL-SHJ (Sharjah) / AUH (Abu Dhabi)

1. All passengers flying to UAE are required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result at the time of check-in. The result must be issued by an approved medical facility from the country of departure and passengers must travel within 96 hours* of conducting the test. Children under the age of 12* are exempt from COVID-19 PCR testing. Note: Passengers whose UAE residence visas have expired on or after 1st March 2020, can be accepted to travel to the UAE
2. It's the responsibility of the Passenger to check their UAE residency status & document's prior to travel on
3. Passengers traveling to Kabul are allowed normally with no additional requirements.

KBL-KWI (Kuwait)

Any passengers having (valid IQAMA) traveling to KWI (Kuwait) needs PCR Test Negative result from the following clinics in Afghanistan.
1- City Medical Hospital 2- German DK Hospital 3- Blossom Hospital 4- Human LAB 5- Milat Hospital 6- Royal Medical Complex 7- CPHL Central LAB 8- Afghan Japan Hospital LAB 9- Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital LAB 10- Police 200 Bed Hospital LAB 11- Minister of Agriculture Hospital LAB (CVDRL) 12- FMIC Hospital LAB 13- Herat Government Hospital LAB 14- Balkh Government Hospital LAB 15- Kandahar Government Hospital LAB 16- Nangaraher Government Hospital LAB 17- Paktia Government Hospital LAB

Additional points to be noted for Kuwait Passengers:
1. Only valid residence (Iqama) holders (Afghan Nationals) can travel to Kuwait.
2. Passengers must have not travelled to the banned countries for the last 14-days. List of countries: India, Iran, China, Brazil, Colombia, Armenia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Syria, Spain, Singapore, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Srilanka, Nepal, Iraq, Mexico, Egypt, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, Dominican Republic and Kosovo.
3. PCR Negative Test report issued within 72hours of arrival in Kuwait from authorized clinics only my MOPH.
4. Passengers will be subject to home quarantine for 14days.
5. Passenger should hold valid Civil ID and Passport
6. Passenger should hold valid Kuwait residency (Iqama).
7. All Kuwait residents who left Kuwait from 01SEP2019 and hold valid residency (Iqama) can travel to Kuwait, even if he overstayed his 6 months period.
8. Copy of Civil ID or Mobile Civil ID is not accepted
9. No Transit, No Visit Visa, No Visa on Arrival can travel to Kuwait
10. Passenger should download Shlonik APP before arrival at Kuwait
11. Passengers traveling to Kabul are allowed normally with no additional requirements.

KBL-DEL (Delhi)

1. Indian Nationality can travel to Delhi in case their travel is approved by the Indian embassy
2. Afghan Diplomats can travel in case their travel is approved by Indian embassy
3. Medical Visa holders (visa issued recently can travel to Delhi )
4. For above type of Passengers COVID-19 PCR test is mandatory if PAX do not have PCR test they will be quarantined for 14 days.
5. Indian/any foreign passengers willing to travel to Kabul should have COVID-19 negative PCR result
6. Passengers traveling to Kabul are allowed normally with no additional requirements.


1. Currently passengers are not allowed to travel
2. Passengers traveling to Kabul are allowed normally with no additional requirements.

KBL-ISB (Islamabad) (Islamabad to Kabul)

1. Passengers with valid visa can travel to Islamabad with no restrictions or any other documentations
2. PCR test is mandatory for any passenger traveling from Kabul to Islamabad and test should be no more than 72 hours.

KBL-JED-RUH (Jeddah & Riyadh ) (Jeddah-Riyadh to Kabul)

1. From Kabul to JED/RUH currently passengers are not allowed to travel.
2. Passengers traveling to Kabul are allowed normally with no additional requirements.